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93 hits this week -tell us your story, man

Stephan Scott  lost his blogging virginity right before your eyes. He always was a guy with a great sense of humor.Debi Smith shareed with us and Marilyn Trewet and i keep trying to get you going .There are 9000 stories in the Naked City let’s hear from you .Cars, wrecks,dates,clothes, food,or just crazy stuff -I know you know but we don’t!!!!!!!! Don’t make me post rumors – they could be about you……………………….


what bugged you about school?

Linda shared her portable steering wheel and Marilyn has chimed in NOW IT’S YOUR TURN….Let’s get this thing going with stories,thought,memories …..Lie if you have to(just kidding) Hit us with anything you want to write about , this forum is for you and our over 600 classmate to banter and entertain each other. There is 8 million memories in the class  ,just let go with a few .Let’s pretend it’s a cafeteria food fight only with words(no clean up).Maybe you want to talk about your favorite teacher.Mine is a tough choice between Mr. Jerry Rickerts or Mr. Roy Peters  ( yes, they both swatted my butt to the moon- not deserving I’m sure)….Please send in your registrations for the reunion as soon as possible-a bank we save may be your own.


the microphone has a message for you!! what’s your shocking announcement?

Share your favorite high school story with us. First prize is either a DECA donut or a Zorro taco.  Does anyone remember Marie’s Steakburger Hut on Western? It put Del Rancho to shame…….Come on now get those keyboards flashing , make Mrs. Neal proud of you…………..


Classmates, Share your Favorite high school Stories

WRITE ON FOR U.S. GRANT is your blog to share memories, funny stories, or maybe just ask a question that your classmates can answer. We need your input to make this work. If you can’t sing or dance then surely you can make a comment. I hope this is fun for everyone after all E-harmony .com started somehow and this may just bring world peace to everyone. LET those fingers fly—-keyboards start your engines and GO!!!!

Our Reunion is over but this will be an ongoing assignment.This page is yours for us to keep up with each other.........