to some their favorite teacher-mrs. ray -passes at age 92

Mrs. Helen Ray , schoolteacher with a huge heart passed on Wednesday at age 92. Math and running a strict classroom were her claims to fame but a smirk and good sense of humor was always apparent. Small in stature but mighty in her toughness , she made us all better students and we survived to slack off another day (in some other teacher’s  class).Oh by the way,geometry has helped many of your games when  shooting pool and you didn’t even know it.

2 Responses to “to some their favorite teacher-mrs. ray -passes at age 92”

  1. 1 Hayriye
    February 7, 2009 at 11:04 am

    I am sorry to learn about Dear Ms. Ray’s decease. I was her teaching assistant in math class. Those who were in the same class may remember this: we were supposed to solve an algebra problem that had dimes and nickels in it. Everbody had gotten the result, say 5 dimes and 10 nickels, but mine was just the opposite! As it is easy to guess, I had mixed up the number of cents a dime and a nickels have. Would I ever forget after this incidence how many each has!… I have always had fond memories of her –she was very understanding to me, and her eyes always bore kindness which I recall with warmest feelings for her. She had hosted me for a weekend after the school ended –which was a ver kind gesture I will never forget. She must be in Heaven, having taught and guided so many youngsters. I heartily pray for her soul.

  2. March 31, 2009 at 9:53 am

    Mrs Ray was the best. she presented math in a unique way… giving no quarter and asking for perfection. I can easily credit Mrs Ray’s algebra and trig classes for the cornerstone of m career. Everyone loved her and some of us teased her at every opportunity. She was always a good sport and quick to put down a rebellion.

    I was guilty of teasing her because it always made her laugh. Once while attending chemistry and physics class at the Vo-Tech center, I learned to make a simple plastic from urea. It took form of the test tube and resembled a stick of chalk. I just had to repeat the reaction several times and pocket the resulting material. After lunch break, I returned to Mrs Ray’s 4th period Algebra class and covertly replaced the chalk in her chalkboard with my “special” chalk. After the bell, My dear Mrs Ray picked up a chalk and began addressing the class and screeching the chalk on the board, setting everyone’s teeth on edge. She looked at it, then reached down for a different piece… and repeated the screech. In her frustration, she threw the “chalk” to the floor… and it bounced bach up at her.

    Without turning around she decried “Albert… What have you done?” It was a great laugh, but only after I gave her the real chalk.

    Ah, high school… the simple life that we all shared. Couldn’t wait to graduate… then after we did, we realized that our school years were wonderful times. Some of us went off to college, some of us got drafted, some of us got married… but we all remember Mrs Ray.

    May she rest in Peace with the Master.

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