Getting to school sometimes was a real TRIP!!!!!!

Veronica (Roni),  Norma, Hayriye, JO,  Linda and Barbara “the snow bunny” Jones Wilder have started the snowball rolling down the hill so let’s go people – it’s painless to share and more therapeutic than Dr. Phil (my BBF – best bald friend).

Who’s got a going to school in the morning  story? I was chugging along one morning in my Fairlane when in front of Wilkerson’s Drive-In a glass truck lost its big ole sheet of glass on 44th. After yelling *%#*$&*#, I drove up through 4 yards, hey ruts aren’t my problem. It was an emergency, Student Council meeting – we had to change the world! After all, it was 1969………….


5 Responses to “Getting to school sometimes was a real TRIP!!!!!!”

  1. 1 Norma McElwee
    January 11, 2009 at 1:11 pm


    I don’t have a going to school story, but I do have an automobile story! Do you guys remember Pam Underwood’s 442? It was a baby blue convertible with white top and white strips…..what a pretty ride. Anyway, I must confess I was envious. On this particular night we were having a sleepover at Vickie Hammon’s but for some reason Pam wasn’t there. Doing what teenaged girls do, we (some names are being left out to protect the innocent) proceeded to drive around looking at boys. Someone (probably me) got the lame idea to go TP someones house or something! I can’t imagine what got into us but Pammy Sue became our target. Off we crept to the 7-ll, with blushing faces, for supplies including soap (bad idea) and to the Underwoods we snuck. To make a long story short, we TP’d Pam’s 442 and wrote silly, slightly mean stuff on the car windows.

    During the course of the entire rest of our lives, I’ve lived with the guilt that we did something mean to one of our bestfriends! I finally confessed my indisgretion to Pam about 5 years ago. It was all so naive now. Gosh, I loved TPing! Hahahahahhaha

  2. 2 Hayriye
    January 12, 2009 at 2:43 pm

    Well, now that Glen stirred up the memories of automobiles and driving, and that Norma followed suit, I will join the club! I just recalled a rather emberrassing incident that necessitates an apalogoy, indeed a long-due one. I do not remember who my date was; neither do I remember the time, the place, the game, the car; only the unfortunate event is vivid in my mind! I was invited to a game (do not ask me which sport it was) by a curteous boy who was one of the players. He picked me up from home, we drove to the gym, he escorted me to the balcony (a very nice seating I had), and then he left to join the team. Of course, I do not recall who won the game or how he played, but when we walked back to the car, I wished the ground would open up took me in so that I would not face the miserable look in my date’s eyes: I had left the window open on my side, and a part of the front seat was soaking wet because of the sudden shower. Who would expect rain in such a good weather! Of course, as an experienced driver now, I would take care not to leave the windows down –neither would I depend on the passengers to assume the responsibility of checking my vehicle. But we were young after all; besides, I was very excited, probably interested in the boy more than in the car or the weather… Oh, how mortified I was! Did he say something to make me feel worse, I do not remember. But I am sure his dad was very mad and that he suffered from the harm done –unfortunately because of my fault. I was terribly sorry for not being careful, but I do not recall now if I made it clear to him how sorry I was.

    Well, if that cureous boy still remembers the event –and does no more bear the disappointment in me– I would like him to speak up so that I will know he has forgiven me after this candid confession!

  3. 3 Linda Haffner
    January 24, 2009 at 11:44 am

    I drove a Corvair and picked up Sue on my way to school. I was on 55th making a left turn onto Penn. Now making a left turn was scary for me because I had to look for an empty space going both ways. Finally a spot opened up and I went for it. All of a sudden my whole sterring wheel came off in my hand while in a semi turn. I screamed as did everyone in the car. I jammed it back on and it worked. Needless to say I was a nervous wreak when we got to school. Don’t know why it came off and it never did again.

  4. 4 Clarence Weeks
    April 1, 2009 at 11:29 pm

    OK, I’ll just tell on myself. The other guilty parties know who they are.
    One day a few of us decided to skip school for the rest of the afternoon and headed over to “Across the Street” to goof off and eat some curly fries. Some one looked out the window, and here comes Mr. Neece. We of course headed to the back door, and up pulls Mr. Huffman. What were we to do? Hey, we’ll hide in the bathroom. Not the boy’s, that wouldn’t work. They’ll catch us there. We headed in to the girls. Hey, things were loosing up in the late 60’s, but not enough for a principle and vice-principle to get caught looking in a girls bathroom. They threatened and tried everything they could, but we weren’t budging. No one spoke of surrender, and sat tight. They finally gave up and we escaped their wrath. Man, was that close. Clarence

  5. May 28, 2009 at 8:44 am

    it has been 40 years now and i would love to know who kept putting my red/white convertable VW over the cememt blocks in the parking lot. i could not drive a standard shift, for quite some time so it was very hard to figure how to get me back to go,
    one day, heard an announcemt that if the person with the VW (described above) would come and remove it from in front of the band door, the firemarshall would not have to come out.
    embarrassing at the time. funny now.
    wondered then, still wondering now. anyone wanna give names.

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